Ikkousha Ramen

“Ikkousha” has the secret of its deliciousness. We frequently change pork bones in broth and ensure its delicious taste.

The New Pioneer, Kousuke Yosjimura, devoted much time to creating his original taste while maintaining traditional tonkotsu ramen.

The broth is derived from the essence of various parts of pork bone boiled in beforehand order to remove the strong smell. To ensure its maximum flavour and taste, the bones and broth should be changed frequently. The more time we simmer the pork bone broth, the more creamy broth we can get. The chefs check the broth every morning. It takes many years of experience to serve the broth with the same taste because the taste of broth is unstable. The broth is made by simmering water and the pork-bones for several hours and it becomes the memorable taste.


Toast Box

The first Toast Box premium outlet in Singapore that will feature a prime selection of all-day dining menu items not available at other branches that uses quality and fresh ingredients. Each of our local dishes is recreated to give consumers a modern & creative spin that one is usually accustomed to.

Toast Box store concept is a reflection of the warm and bustling coffee shops from the 60s and 70s. Reinvented to bring back fond memories for those who miss the good old times, Its store concepts are reinvented to bring back fond memories and nostalgia for those who missed the good old times, and an avenue for the younger ones to experience the feel and flavours of a bygone era.