Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar (NEW!)

Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar (NEW!)

For over 300 years the British made India their home and in that span, gradually but surely they imported their unique winning ways: their civil administration, their ideas of democracy, their railways, their army and most importantly, their food. This import of the British ways resulted in a distinctly unique cultural milieu called the Colonial Raj or the British Raj which cannot be seen anywhere else but in India.


Anglo-Indian cuisine developed during the British Raj when British wives interacted with their Indian cooks. The cuisine introduced dishes such as kedgeree, mulligatawny, tikka, kebabs and pish-pash to English palates. One of the few Anglo-Indian foods that has had a lasting impact on English cuisine is chutney, inadvertently laying the foundation of Anglo Indian cuisine in the UK, that today is so visible in its presence in the form of the numerous Indian restaurants.


Anglo Indian Café & Bar will take last food orders at 11pm daily.