Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty

Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty

■ Concept of Salon

A lifestyle concept salon that enriches your heart and body through your Five Senses.

Undaunted by the ever-changing needs of the society, we aim to constantly infuse new ideas and technology to create and shape a culture that is aligned to the company’s mission.


■ About The Director Shun Sakurai

Shun Sakurai embarked on his hair-dressing career in Tokyo and moved to Singapore to work for well-known salon LIM hair.

LIM hair is one of the top salon in Japan. After relocating to Singapore, he rose quickly through the ranks to become a top stylist and salon manager with his talent and skill.

Actively involved in creative works, Shun Sakurai won awards in Japanese Brand Photo Competition. As a styling master, he does photography and plays a key role at fashion showcases for various luxury brands such as Chanel.






  • Location #B1 - 08
  • Hours Tuesday - Friday: 6/25/18 11:00 am - 6/25/18 8:00 pm
    Saturday: 6/25/18 10:00 am - 6/25/18 7:00 pm
    Sunday: 6/25/18 10:00 am - 6/25/18 6:00 pm
    Closed on Monday: -
  • Phone +65 6250 0353
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