Mister Wu Delivery – Dim Sum Buffet

Enjoy the famous Mister Wu Dim Sum Buffet in the comfort of your own home today. This is the first and only dim sum buffet experience that is available for delivery.

Event Details
Mister Wu

Every Buffet Set comes with 1 piece of every single dim sum on our menu. It’s a mind bloggling 18 different items!!! Including:
Mentaiko Har Gao
Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice
Beancurd Skin Roll
Truffle Xiao Long Bao
Abalone Siew Mai
Steamed Lava Bun
Golden Lava Bun
Red Bean Banana Roll
Golden Prawn Ball
Japanese Fried Oyster
Truffle Carrot Cake
Ping Pong Wanton
Mango Prawn Roll
Golden Spring Roll
Steamed Char Siew Cheong Fun
Red Bean Mochi
Sakura Cream Mochi
Melon Cream Mochi

On top of this, each set also includes half a portion of our signature whisky seafood la mian and truffle chicken rice. Also included is our hakka crispy pork chop and Mr Su Braised Pork.


$32 Per Pax Min Order 2 Pax


Make your orders here now: https://misterwu.sg/collections/buffet/products/buffet